Werner J. Auhorn - Biography

Born in September 14th, 1939 in Schongau, Germany / Bavaria and since 42 years married. My wife and I have three adult children.

After attending schools in Schwabniederhofen, Schongau and Landsberg, I completed an apprenticeship as a papermaker at former Haindl Company, Schongau mill.
Afterwards I studied Pulp and Paper Technology & Paper Manufacturing at the former Oskar-von-Miller Polytechnic Institute in Munich, today Munich University of Applied Sciences. In the course of my studies, I did several work experiences in the chemical pulp mill of former Zellstoff Waldhof, Wangen site, at Holmens Bruks, Norrköping, Sweden and at Reed & Smith, Watchet, Great Britain.  

Professional Career

In the last 45 years, I collected a lot of informations and experiences in papermaking, paper chemistry and technology, chemical additives, of the international paper and supplier market in general, of staff and business management, economics, marketing, product and business strategies, sales and service customs and last but not least how to reach customer satisfaction. Regular international contacts to the paper industry, to paper institutes and to Universities, as well as active memberships in paper associations, e.g. ZELLCHEMING, TAPPI, VPM, have been the basis and important network of my interesting and successful business life.

Trend-setting Publications

During my time with BASF, I presented almost 100 external lectures at national and international paper conferences, besides a lot of company internal speeches. As single author or co-author, I published several dozen articles in paper magazines and books. From my personal point of view, the most trend setting publications in chronological order are:

A further selection of my publications in magazines and books as well as some other informative printings about papermaking chemistry and technology from other authors and editors you will find in the separate site “Publications”.