World Paper Consumption will further grow

Paper has a high practical value in communication, in educational, artistic, packaging, hygienic, sanitary, and technical applications. Paper can be coated, impregnated, laminated, creped, moulded etc. Paper products embellish our homes, and make our daily life easier and more comfortable. Packaging papers and board grades protect goods and support supermarket logistics and product presentations. Computer print-outs and other graphic papers such as newspapers, magazines and books accompany us through our life. Even today in our digital world, paper is a reliable means of long-time documentation, data preservation and can be easily carried to everywhere..
Therefore the worldwide consumption of paper is increasing steadily over the years. During the last 10 years the worldwide paper production has grown by 2,9 % p.a., up to 360 million tons in 2005. In the next 10 years we still expect an average growth rate of 2 to 2,5 % p.a. worldwide. The present regional distribution of the world paper production in 2006 is shown below:

Regional Shares of World Paper Production in 2006

2,5 % average growth rate of World Paper Production in next 10 years

Europe  North America  Asia - Pacific  Latin America  Other Countries 
2 %  0,5 %   4 %  3 %  3 % 

Future Paper will be