Internal Addition - Surface Application

Pigments have been used in papermaking since many years. Printing and writing papers represent by far the most dominant area for their application. They are added as fillers inside the paper sheet and as coating pigments by surface application. The main reasons for their usage are to improve opacity, brightness and printability as well as lowering production costs. Today the most important pigment is calcium carbonate (ground carbonate GCC and precipitated carbonate PCC, followed by clay (Kaolin) and talc. Beside them also titanium dioxide, calcium sulfate (gypsum) and plastic pigments are used.

Mineral Pigment usage - overproportional growth

Shares of Pigment Types - total 30 Mio tons p.a.

  Clay  Ground Calcium
Carbonate - GCC  
Precipitated Calcium
Carbonate - PCC  
Talc  Others 
Filler Pigments %  7  9  16  7  1 
Coating Pigments %  25  30  2  1  2 

Fillers are applied to Paper to improve

Coating Pigments are applied on Paper to improve